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Sidus ja fotografeeris: Sergei Fesko

Goddard Caddis

Hook:                                 TMC 100, #10-16
Thread: black 6/0 prewaxed
Body: natural gray deer hair, spun and clipped to shape
Hackle: brown hackle
Antennae: brown hackle stems, stripped

Tumpin Caddis

Hook:                                Dry fly 10 - 12, 12 in picture
Thread: Brown
Body: Hare dubbing, gray
Wing: Elk hair, tyed in the middle
Antennae: Cock black barbs

Nalle Puh

Hook:                                # 8-12
Thread: Orange
Wing: Brown bear g: golden thread
Body: Orange and yellow fly-rite mixed with brown hare dubbing
Body hackle: Redbrownish cock
Hackle: Redbrownish cock
Head: Strength thread with dip of varnish


Hook:                                Daiichi 1750 (or any 3x-4x long, moderately stout wire, round bend, straight eye hook) #8-14
Thread: Dynacord Super Thread, Gudebrod 6/0, Gudebrod GX2, Benecchi 8/0, or Benecchi 12/0 Ultra Strong Thread; White marked with permanent felt tip marker to match color of "head"
Body:Evazote dyed the color of the natural insect's underbelly, then marked on one edge with felt tip marker to enhance segmentation
Underwing:Dyed deer hair, color to match natural, usually yellow
Overwing:Hen or Cock Ring Neck Pheasant back feather that has been glued with thinned Goop, clear silicone Aquarium Sealant, or Dave's Fleximent
"Kicker" legs:Natural or dyed Cock Ring Neck Pheasant center tail barbs knotted to "Sili Legs"
Head and collar:Natural or dyed elk or deer hair
Two elk neck hairs